The end of life can be a distressing time, as well as a time to remember and commemorate the life of a loved one.  Whether or not you are a member of one of our churches we are here to help. Normally your Funeral Director will make contact with the parish office or vicar to arrange the date and time of the funeral service. You will then be contacted and visited by one of the clergy to help make plans for the service. Remember we are there for you, both in prayer and a listening ear.


Here are some useful Church of England websites that may be of help:

The Art of Dying Well is a project that helps to think about the end of life and care for the dying.  In the Christian faith it is believed that life is a precious gift  and death simply opens the way to new life.


Funerals At the heart of the Christian message is one of hope in Jesus Christ who died on a cross for us, and yet is also risen from the dead. This web site has many resources such as prayers, hymns and planning the funeral service.


The Bible Society also have resources available that may be of help in planning a funeral.