Bell Ringers

Bell Ringers

St. Oswald’s Bell Ringers

Here are some questions that may have occurred to you: –

How old are the bells at St Oswald’s? The bells we ring have been there since 1981 but there are two other bells (one of which strikes the hours) which have been there since the 18th century!

Are they difficult to ring? If you mean do you have to be strong to ring, then the answer is ‘No’. There are skills involved however, which do demand a sense of rhythm more than anything else. You also have to be able to count – up to six! – which most people can manage!

Do you have to be young to ring? No, people of any age can learn though you do have to be able to manage the stairs up to the belfry! It is very enjoyable socially to be in a mixed age group as well as being in a group which welcomes both men and women.

How much does it cost? Nothing! Apart from a bit of time and commitment. Do you just ring for church services? No. We often ring for weddings. We learn to ring on practice nights and there are many opportunities to visit other belfries and to mix socially with bell ringers from elsewhere.

So if I’m interested, what next? Why not just come to a practice night and see what we do. We practice on Thursdays beginning at 7.30 but it’s as well to phone beforehand to check that we are meeting. Ring (or see) Kathy Siddle Please contact Filey Parish office for contact details